Kinly is here to help New Zealanders create and keep their Will up to date. If you’re starting out building a life for yourself, buying a property, getting married and growing a family, ensuring your Will is accurate could be a costly exercise. That was before Kinly.

Kinly has been created and launched by Kowhiri, a company who has taken on the goal to ensure that every New Zealander’s legacy is protected.

We feel strongly that everyone over 18 years of age should have a Will. That’s why we created Kinly. To provide a simple and legally valid Will that stipulates:

  • how your estate is to be distributed so that your loved ones, including your dependants, will be taken care of,
  • the special items you wish to gift to your siblings, elders, or the community,
  • the person you trust (Executor) to carry out the instructions in your Will, and
  • any specific instructions such as funeral arrangements and organ donation.

With Kinly you can also store a video recording of yourself that will be included with your Will when delivered to your loved ones.  With the video, your loved ones can ensure that your last words and final wishes are handled as you would have wished.

We have been working hard with Greatwill to ensure that Kinly can deliver the best online and mobile Will creation experience for under 35’s. Yes, we know that a Will isn’t something you typically think about, but you know you need one and Kinly is the way to do it.

At Kowhiri we create innovative yet uncomplicated online and mobile experiences to help you get your Will sorted. We are the world’s leading supplier of Will creation software and we currently provide solutions that create over 600,000 Wills globally each year. We are Auckland-based and sitting behind us is over 100 years of Trust Corporation experience and backing. We hope this gives you peace of mind that we’ll protect your legacy until it’s needed, even if that isn’t for another 60 years.