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What happens if I die without a will?


Just what happens to your stuff if you die without a will?

Without a will, you have no control over how your estate – the belongings and assets you leave behind – is divided up.

For example, let’s say you’ve promised your best friend they could have your prized guitar if something happened to you. It may be a bit banged up and not worth much, but it means a lot both of you and is filled with a load of memories of good times together.

Unless you have a will that specifies those wishes, she …

Do I really need a will? Because YOLO!


One of the benefits – and dangers – of being young is that we don’t often think about dying. Living in the moment is awesome and yes, #YOLO, but, not to be a Debbie Downer, at some point or another the inevitable will happen…

This may not be for many decades, but shit happens, so it’s a good to get your stuff sorted for when the time comes.

You may say: I don’t own anything and don’t have kids, so why do I need a will?

Even if you’ve not yet bought a house or started a family, there are st…