Do I need a Will?

A Will gives you control over what happens after you die. It is important to have a Will so your assets go where you want them to and if you have children they are looked after by the people you want looking after them.

Is a Will created on Kinly a legal Will?

The Kinly App has been legally reviewed. We have taken all reasonable efforts to ensure the information on Kinly is consistent with the laws of New Zealand.

For more information on what constitutes a legal Will we recommend you seek further legal advice.

How do I make sure my Will is valid?

To make a Will valid it must be signed in front of two (2) witnesses. These witnesses cannot have anything left to them in the Will.

A simple check list to make sure your Will is valid:

  1. Have you read your Will?
  2. Have you initialled each page of the Will?
  3. Do you have two witnesses to witness you sign your Will?
  4. Have you signed the Will in front of these two witnesses?
  5. Have both witnesses stated on the Will that they were in your presence when you signed the Will?
  6. Have both witnesses signed the Will in front of you?

We suggest you keep the original signed Will in a safe and secure place.

Is a Kinly Will suitable for me?

Our template has been designed for people with straightforward circumstances who wants to make a simple standard Will. Kinly may not be suitable for you if you:

  • Have a blended family through multiple marriages, and with children from a previous relationship,
  • Intend on leaving some family members out of your Will or leave them an unexpected size portion,
  • Have interests or are involved in various complex business structures, or have overseas assets, or
  • Want to establish a trust in your Will.

If any of the above applies to you, or if you’re unsure, we recommend you seek legal advice.

What makes Kinly different from other online Will providers or estate planning lawyers?

Wills created with Kinly:

  • Can be updated from your mobile or tablet device as many times as you like, if you have an active subscription.
  • Connect your Will account with your executor who will be able to retrieve your Will package quickly and easily using the Kinly’s unique digital connection function.
  • Include a free, optional personal video message using the app.
  • Are digitally timestamped and stored.
  • Are very affordable, with a one-time fee of $36.95 to create your Will (12-month subscription included), and $6.95/year for ongoing stewardship.
  • Send you periodic reminders to ensure your Will is up to date.

What is Kinly stewardship?

Stewardship refers to Kinly storing a digital copy of your Will, an image copy of the execution page and your personal video. Each of these items are digitally timestamped and stored in our high security data centre.

Timestamping your Last Will & Testament is a secure way to keep track of the date that your Will was created or modified. Nobody can change the document so your executor and family can quickly and easily verify your Will. When your circumstances change, you can update and re-execute a new Will, which includes a new digital timestamp at no extra cost.

Under our stewardship, your Will account is also digitally connected to your executor(s). During such time that you Will is needed, our system contacts your executor(s) and the most recent copy of your Will with a proof of timestamp can be supplied – this can save a lot of hassle and heartache for those close to you.

How do I create a Kinly Will?

Kinly’s easy-to-follow Will creation template can take you as little as 30 minutes to complete.

To create a Will:

  1. Download the Kinly app from the Apple AppStore or Google Playstore.
  2. Open the app and create an account using your email address. Make sure you enter your email address correctly.
  3. Fill in the template with your information. There’s a step-by-step guide, in the app, to help you. Please note if at any time you’re not sure about the process, we suggest that you get proper legal advice.
  4. Once you’ve completed all steps, you’ll see a summary page – proceed if you are happy with all the information. We’ll then send you an email to verify your Kinly subscription.
  5. After verifying your subscription and completing your payment, we’ll send you another email with a PDF version of your Will. We’ll also send an email to your executor(s), asking them to confirm their acceptance as the executor(s) of your Will. Once your executor confirms, we’ll send you an email to let you know they’ve accepted.
  6. Print a copy of your Will, sign it in front of two witnesses, then use the app to send an image of this execution page to us (you can use the camera on your phone or tablet).
  7. Use the app to add an optional personal video.

We suggest you keep the original signed Will in a safe and secure place.

What kind of information will I be asked for?

You’ll be asked to enter your personal details, nominate your executor (or executors) and provide the names of any spouse/partner, children or other beneficiaries such as friends, relatives or charity organisations that you want to include in your Will. You can also add information about your preferred funeral arrangements, burial or cremation, and there’s space to include personal messages too.

What if I pay for the Will but decide it’s not the right Will for Me?

We’ll refund you the full amount within 30 days of purchase if the Kinly Will does not suit your needs.

Is Kinly safe and secure?

Yes. Once you finish your Will all your information is digitally timestamped and stored in our high security data centre. We are fully compliant with the New Zealand Privacy Act.

When accepting payment from you, Kinly uses a payment system that is a validated Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant Service Provider. We are on both Visa's Global Compliant Provider List and MasterCard's SDP List.

Who can access my Will?

The only person who can access your Will is you. When your executor needs to access it, they will complete our secure six step verification process.

We suggest you keep the original signed Will in a safe and secure place.

How much does a Kinly Will cost?

You’ll pay a one-time fee of $36.95 which includes your Will fee of $30 and the first year stewardship service of $6.95.

Each year before your stewardship fee is due, we’ll send you an email reminder for your payment of $6.95 for the following year.

How do I cancel my subscription with Kinly?

If you decide to discontinue, simply send an email to [email protected] to let us know and we’ll cancel your subscription.

Is Kinly available on the web?

Kinly is only available on smartphones (iOS and Android).

Do you offer other document services such as enduring power of attorney?

Not yet but as we continue to improve the number of services available we may offer it in the future. If you’d like to receive updates on new Kinly products and services, you can register on our Contact page.

When do I need to change my Will?

Keeping your Will up to date is important. The last Will you signed, even if it’s out of date, is the one used in the event of your death.

Also it is important to note that if you get married, the Will you wrote before your marriage is no longer valid, unless the Will was created ‘in contemplation’ of your marriage, with the Kinly Will can do.

You can amend an existing Will, but it is complicated and you will need to see a lawyer. Instead, it may be easier to make a new Will that is up to date and that includes any changes you want to make. Kinly allows you to update your Kinly Will without seeing a Lawyer.

I have a situation that doesn’t fit into your Will creation tool.

The Kinly App is not right for everyone. If Kinly is not allowing you to control your estate and/or guardianship requirements as you want, then you should visit a lawyer who can tailor a Will to your needs. To find a lawyer you can visit:  If you’re not sure before you begin, you can go through Kinly’s Will creation process and cancel before payment is taken.